Pain management clinics

What's involved?

Consultation Process

Symptom assessment

The consultant will ask you to describe your symptoms and concerns and take a medical history.

Physical examination

The consultant will carry out an appropriate physical examination.

Tests and investigations

The consultant will arrange appropriate tests and investigations such as blood tests and imaging.



Our Specialists

Image of Dr Nofil Mulla Consultant Pain Physician

Dr Nofil Mulla Consultant Pain Physician

Dr Nofil Nisar Mulla is a leading consultant pain physician and intervention specialist, and clinical lead for the in...

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Is Virtually expensive to use?

For instant access to high quality, regulated healthcare the costs of the service are very reasonable. Our service is linked to healthcare insurance providers and your medical care from Virtually maybe covered by your health insurance. Interest free payment plans are also available.

Do my NHS records get transferred to Virtually?

No. However, to provide Virtually clinicians as much information as possible to provide you with the best care possible, we would ask you to allow us to have temporary electronic access to your medical records. We will give you simple instructions on how to give our clinicians access if needed.

Is Virtually right for me?

Virtually is a great service for anyone who doesn’t currently have a GP or who struggles to get an appointment with their existing NHS GP. The app is built for people of all ages and backgrounds. If you like the idea of speaking to a clinician online from the comfort of your own home or workplace then use Virtually. We have online appointments available Monday to Sunday. You won’t be giving up the ability to see your own GP. Any virtually consultation will be forwarded to your NHS GP.

Can I choose whether I speak with a male or female clinician?

Yes. Not only can you choose whether your clinician is male or female, but you can also choose the specific person you wish to speak with. We’ll display a list of the available clinicians, and you can choose the doctor or nurse you want to speak to. That means if they are available you can speak to the same clinician every time.

Is the service secure?

All of the personal or sensitive information we hold about you is protected by encryption and held in secure UK-based data centres. We ask you to not share the password to your Virtually account with anyone to ensure the security of your account.

How does it work when things can’t be done digitally?

Sometimes we may need to see you in person. For example, for vaccinations, smear tests or to carry out an appropriate physical examination. If we need to see you in person, we’ll ask you to book an in-person appointment by calling or emailing our patient support team.

Can you refer me to a hospital near me?

If you need to be seen at a hospital our doctors will refer you to any NHS or private hospital in England of your choice (although most patients choose a hospital near their home or workplace).

Do I have to switch from my current GP?

No. Virtually is not an NHS service. We will liaise with your current GP with your permission to ensure your NHS medical records are kept up to date.

Where is your clinic?

If you do need to see a doctor in person, our specialists see patients both in consulting rooms and at private hospitals in and around London.



How long are the appointments?

Unlike most GP appointment slots which are 10 minutes. Virtually appointments are at least 30 minutes long allowing enough time to address the nature of your condition or symptoms.

How soon can I get an appointment?

We have clinicians available within an hour for digital appointments. In-person appointments may be a slightly longer wait.

How do prescriptions work?

A private prescription will be sent to you online, within one hour of your consultation.

Who are the clinicians?

Our team of clinicians are made of GPs, Pharmacists, Physicians Assistants and Nurses, all of whom are employed by Virtually. All our clinicians are UK based with some working remotely.

Can I see you face to face?

For some conditions we may request to see you in person at our clinic. You are always welcome to book a face-to-face appointment with our team if you wish, however you may have to wait slightly longer for in-person appointments than you do for digital appointments.


Thank you Virtually!

“I would like to thank you once again for helping me to get a swift diagnosis about the condition of my heart. In a world where talk is even cheaper than it used to be, your positive action on my behalf was over and above the call of duty, and I am truly grateful. ”

Sophie Rogers

I could not have had a better, more professional and more personable consultant Neurologist.”

Joanna Fernandes

I am just beginning to see a shaft of light in the middle of a very dark tunnel and that is solely down to you… we could never have achieved this without your professional intervention, so thank you very much Virtually.”

Anita Windsor

About us

Virtually provides customised care pathways which encompass consultation, treatment, prevention and health coaching for organisations and employers wanting to give their staff access to fast, convenient and high-quality health and wellbeing care.

We are passionate about supporting people to live healthier and happier lives and making the most of their potential.  Everything we do aims to achieve that.

Working with Virtually will make you passionate about the health and welfare of your staff which will convert into sustained improvements in your business performance.


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