About Us

Virtually is a provider of healthcare and a health software house.

We specialise in providing complementary digital health products and clinical services that work together to enable transformation of healthcare.

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Who we are

Our story began over 40 years ago, when a group of doctors and nurses formed a partnership to deliver care to NHS patients through local contracts.

In 2011, our clinicians began to recognise the beneficial impacts that digital could have on patient care. We saw an opportunity to dramatically improve the patient experience and make better use of public and private resources through digital transformation of healthcare.

We created our first web application in 2015 which was a peer-support and networking site. Since then, we have built an experienced team of software and integration professionals and a range of other digital disciplines.

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What we do

Digital solutions

We build NHS-approved digital solutions for use in healthcare.

We offer a range of digital solutions for general practice, community services, secondary care and urgent care.


All of our solutions are listed on the NHS Digital Catalogue. Each one has been tested to the Catalogue Authority’s Capabilities and Standards framework.

Clinical services

We provide digital clinical services to the NHS with a special focus on GP and practice nurse capacity.

We support GP practices, primary care networks, and NHS commissioners who struggle to recruit clinicans locally with digital clinical capacity from parts of the UK that have capacity to spare.

Patient support

We provide non-clinical patient support services to GP practices, PCNs and hospitals.

These services enable the healthcare provider to move to a digital front-of-house model delivered by Virtually which supports patients with:

  • Booking and amending appointments.
  • Handling transactional queries.
  • Fielding queries about obtaining prescribed medication.
  • Patient follow-ups.
  • Arranging blood tests and imaging procedures.
  • Complaint handling.
  • General assistance with the healthcare process.
Private care for patients

We provide private GP and specialist care to insured and self-funded patients.

Virtually offers video, telephone and in-person consultations to private patients in the UK and round the world.


All Virtually clinicians are registered with a UK health professions regulator. For example, all our doctors are registered with the UK General Medical Council.


TotalCare a solution for workforce health

TotalCare is a flexible and customisable health solution for your employees which covers the following elements.

  • Health promotion and illness prevention.
  • Mental well-being support.
  • Health coaching for lifestyle change.
  • Annual personalised health screening to detect health conditions early.
  • GP, specialis,t and allied health professional consultations for diagnosis and treatment of health concerns.
  • Occupational health including pre-employment medicals and fitness-to-work assessment.
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Our large, centralised patient support team is specially trained to support patients with queries.

Patients are supported on the phone and through Virtually’s in-platform HelpDesk which enables a patient to raise a ticketed support request or book a support call-back from Virtually’s patient support team.


Virtually can support a healthcare provider by carrying out your front-of-house and patient support functions.

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What we are trying to achieve

Improve patients’ experience of healthcare

Our patient surveys tell us that patients want the following aspects of care to be improved.

  • Better and faster access to GPs and specialists.
  • A greater choice of clinicians and treatments and the patient’s preferences taken into account when clinicians make decisions about their care.
  • Support with improving thier health and mental well-being.
  • Clinicians involved in their care to work together, share information about them, and make decisions jointly.

Improve the working lives of clinicians.

Clinicians tell us that they want the following aspects of thier working lives to improve.

  • Greater flexibility in when they work and where they work from.
  • Support with providing a high standard of patient-centred care in the way they were trained to.
  • Less bureacracy and constraints on the treatments they offer to patients.
  • To work as part of a team.
  • Assistance with administrative aspects of patient care.

Empower patients

Virtually wants to change the relationship between patient and clinician to enable patients to take greater control and responsibility for thier healthcare so that they can take better care of their health.

We want to do this by:

  • Giving patients access to their medical records.
  • Providing digital tools to support them to monitor their health and arrange healthcare.
  • Changing the attitudes and practices of clinicians so that they involve patients in clinical decisions and take their preferences into account.

Reduce health inequalities, in particular by serving under-doctored areas of the UK.

Our aspiration is to create a national pool of clinicians which will serve as a “national grid” of digital clinical provision for parts of the country that find it difficult to recruit clinicians to tap into when needed.


We want to move clinical capacity from over-serviced to under-provisioned areas.

Make better use of public and private health resources.

Digital transformation of health care has the potential to drive efficiencies and effectiveness.

Virtually wants to harness this potential by working closely with innovative clinicians and experienced software engineers in the design and deployment of our solutions.


Public and population health challenges

Virtually wants to create health solutions that address the current and future health challenges of the UK population.


Our population health observatory which tracks the health of a defined population and enables clinicians to reach out to patients in greatest need, make clinical or social interventions, and monitor outcomes is an example of our solutions for population health.

A move to illness prevention and health promotion

Virtually clinicians and managers recognise that demographic change and the challenges of recruiting health care workers mean a diagnosis and treatment model of health care is no longer sustainable or affordable.

Our Personal health organiser which enables patients to track thier health and share this data with clinicians, our digital care planning product which supports patients to set goals, aims and targets to improve their health and lifestyle working with clinicians, and our health coaching programme all work as one to greatly enhance illness prevention capability.

Public values at our core

Virtually combines the public service values of the NHS with the innovation and energy of a private sector software house.

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How we think

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Our product development and design are led by clinicians who work in the NHS and private healthcare. This means our digital products and services meet the needs of clinicians who are aiming to deliver high-quality patient care.

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Our patient participation groups are closely involved in the design and testing of user flows and interfaces.

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Our accreditations

We are an NHS-approved supplier and have a place on the following NHS frameworks:

NHS Digital’s Buying Catalogue

Health Service Systems Framework

– NHS England

NHS England’s DFOCVC

- Digital First, Online Consultation and Video Consultation Framework

G-Cloud 12 Framework

– Crown Commercial Suppliers

Business Information Standards Framework

– NHS Digital

Digital and Outcomes 4

– Crown Commercial Suppliers

ISO 27001

Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)