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Digital and clinical solutions for hospitals and GP practices

We offer a flexible suite of customised digital products and clinical capacity to support integrated care in a locality.

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Some of our digital solutions many of which are NHS accredited.

Virtual Wards

Virtual Wards

Our virtual ward supports early discharge

Our virtual ward solution includes the following.

  • Near patient device to monitor vital signs and physiological observations.
  • A digital ward observatory for clinicans to monitor patient data in real-time.
  • Patient communication features including telephone and video consultation.
  • Patient messaging features including SMS and in-app messaging.
  • Patient forms and clinical questionnaires which can be customised by the deploying clinical team.
  • Clinician communication including scheduling and conducting ward rounds (meetings) through the platform.
  • Clinician and support staff messaging including tasks.
  • Shared patient record for a “single version of the truth”.
  • Integration with NHS record systems.
  • Reporting suite.
Virtually Widget

Virtually Widget

An easy to use floating toolbar which is very popular with clinicians

The Virtually widget is a toolbar which enables a clinician to quickly send an SMS or in-app message to a patient or inititiate a telephone or video call, request a document or an image, gather information through a form, triage consultations according to clinical priority and stream patient requests to the appropriate clinician in their team.

Population health observatory

Population health observatory

Virtually’s population health observatory gathers data from a range of systems to identify patients at high-risk or those with the greatest needs.


It supports clinicians in a local health system to make automated and human clinican interventions on patients, monitor outcomes, and demonstrate health improvement at a population level.


The observatory can be used at any scale, from a local integrated care system monitoring patients with long-term conditions, to a clinical team monitoring the health status of its patients.

LTC patient self-management support hubs

LTC patient self-management support hubs

Virtually’s Long-term condition hubs have the following features.

  • Patient tracking of lifestyle and physiological observations such as BP.
  • Sharing patient tracking data with hub clinicians.
  • Care planning enabling the patient to set goals, aims and targets for health improvement in a care and support plan which they can share with people involved in their care.
  • Webinars (group consultation) for health education.
  • Telephone and video consultation.
  • SMS and in-app messaging.


A collaborative working tool for clinicians from different NHS and social care organisations.

Conflux is a collaborative working tool that enables GP practices in a primary care network or clinical teams in different provider organisation to work together.

It supports the following aspects.

  • Working on a new or existing project and project management.
  • Sharing information about staff members and services.
  • Conducting virtual meetings and webinars.
  • Sharing clinical governance work such as significant events, clinical audit, and learning from complaints.
  • Storing documents such as minutes of meetings.
  • Conducting staff surveys.
Joint consultations

Joint consultations

Virtually's Joint Care product builds on advice and guidance

Virtually Joint Care enables triangulated video or telephone consultation and secure messaging between patient, GP, and consultant whenever clinically appropriate or between health and social services.


This solution is appropriate for GP advice requests which are too complex for the advice and guidance feature of the NHS e-referral system (eRS).


The patient is part of the discussion and can view the advice request sent by a GP and the advice sent back by a consultant.

Secondary-tertiary virtual joint clinics

Secondary-tertiary virtual joint clinics

This module was developed in conjunction with a tertiary centre in the Midlands.

It enables secondary care centres to conduct virtual joint clinics with its supporting tertiary care unit. This saves patients or clinicians from having to travel long distances.

Arrange a demo

Arrange a demo

We offer other solutions in addition those shown. Please submit an enquiry for information or a demonstration.

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Clinical services

If you are a GP practice, primary care network or local NHS commissioner, please contact us for more information about digital capacity including:

  • GPs
  • Practice nurses
  • Specialist nurse practitioners
  • Allied health professionals
  • Any ARRS roles.

Please email us at to discuss your options. Alternatively, if you need GP practice caretaking at short notice, we can step in rapidly to run the practice.

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Customising your solution.

Every clinical team is different. We recognise that each clinical team works in a unique way and has its own skill and case-mix. For any digital solution to work we know that it must be customised to the needs of the clinical team, focusing on their goals for care transformation and quality improvement.

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How we customise your deployment

Step 1


Our Digital Enablement Team will start by asking your clinical team to complete an Information Gathering Pack. This tells us how your clinical team works, what its challenges are, and what it is trying to achieve.

Step 2

Alpha build on test environment

Once our Digital Enablement Team has understood your team’s circumstances, needs, and clinical processes, we will create an alpha version of your chosen product. You and your teams are free to use this on dummy patients in a sandpit.

Step 3

Private beta phase

We will then take your team’s comments and use them to refine and create a beta version of the product. This is yours to use in private beta trial for up to 20 real patients in your care.

Step 4

Extended beta phase

If there are any comments, bugs or complaints from patients or clinicians in the private beta trial, we will fix these. We’ll then roll out a full beta implementation involving up to 100 of your patients.

Step 5


The extended beta phase will run for four months, during which patients and clinicians will be asked to log comments. We’ll then address these in a final round of fixes and customisation and ask our clinical safety officer to complete a clinical safety case and hazard log before giving you a tested solution for all your patients.

Step 6

Benefits realisation.

Virtually’s Digital Enablement Team will continue to work with you after deployment to help you realise potential benefits.


Customised in-platform Helpdesk for support and incidents.

Your instance of a Virtually digital solution will have an integrated, in-platform HelpDesk. This will be customised to align with the way your team supports patients with administrative queries.


Change requests, incidents and bugs are reported to Virtually’s software team through the in-platform Helpdesk. Each request or incident raises a ticket which is assigned a priority and resolved by Virtually’s development team in the agreed timescales.

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Implementation Support

Our Digital Enablement Team will support your implementation by:

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Providing online and webinar-based clinician and staff training.

Setting up your solution’s Knowledge Base for users containing clinician and patient user guides.

Helping you meet NHS requirements on clinical risk management, including DCB 0160.

Assisting with a data protection impact assessment.

Customising your instance of a Virtually solution.

Setting up your Helpdesk for patients and localising your service management plan.

Providing technical and clinician support throughout the licence period.

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GP Partnerships

Explore setting up a partnership with Virtually

  • Increase resilience of your practice.
  • Local autonomy for your practice partners.
  • Support with addressing any areas of underperformance.
  • Professional support from a community of Virtually clinicians.
  • Higher remuneration to partners.
  • Release partnership capital back to partners.

Virtually is a national primary care organisation which has a large pool of GPs, practice nurses, ARRS roles and experienced primary care managers. If your GP Practice (GMS/PMS) is looking to recruit or increase your clinician capacity or you would like support with managing and running your practice Virtually offers flexible partnerships to suit your practice’s needs.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us in writing, by telephone or email.


Our office is at 14, Winderemere Rd, London N19 5SE

Main switchboard: 020 7263 8380

Please email Amanda Rex:

Amanda Rex

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