Azizah Attard – Advanced Highly Specialist Mental Health Pharmacist

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About Me

Advanced Highly Specialist Mental Health Pharmacist

Education Programme Director West London NHS Trust

Member of General Pharmaceutical Council UK

Member of Royal Pharmaceutical Society UK

Independent Prescriber

Mrs Azizah Attard is a highly advanced specialist mental health pharmacist who provides expert evidence and advice in cases involving psychotropic medication.

Azizah has been a practicing specialist mental health pharmacist for over 20 years and has a high level of expertise in relation to medication for psychiatric conditions, including neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD. She regularly provides assessment and treatment intervention for patients across the UK, in primary care settings. In addition to routinely advising on the potential for medication related side effects, her evidence-based prescribing and titration of medication is informed by current international literature. Often a highly experienced pharmacists’ clinical opinion can be uniquely evidence based, individualised to a patient’s case and can incorporate lesser-known treatments, outside national guidance.

If you would like to book an appointment with Azizah she is available for:

  • Using recent evidence base to choose the best psychotropic medication for you
  • Starting, stopping or swapping psychotropic medication
  • Advice on side effects and management of side effects related to psychotropic medication
  • Reviewing historical medication response and side effects to psychotropic medication
  • Titration of ADHD medication
  • Life coach sessions for adults with ADHD

Holding very senior management positions within secondary and tertiary care, she specialises in providing evidence-based medicines information and advice. Azizah has extensive experience working at a national level, having sat on the expert panel of both the National Psychosis Unit and National Affective Disorder Unit. Azizah has led large pharmacy teams in secondary mental health services. Additionally, Azizah is a trained Life Coach and specialises in helping adults with ADHD achieve their goals.